The journey to Excellence

I am a Strategic Consultant, Business Executive and Lecturer. My specialties are Global Strategy, Corporate Development and Sustainable Transformation for small and medium enterprises in Europe, America, and Asia.

Martin Verebes Portrait
The inspiration

About me

Born and raised in Germany in a family which is French, Hungarian, and Canadian, I grew up amidst restaurateurs, professional soldiers, artists, and skilled workers. These unusual influences have ingrained in me a strong sense of authenticity and purpose. Hence, my mission has come naturally: to go beyond established boundaries.

Since 1995, I have spearheaded transformation processes and turned around ailing businesses in demanding industries like Automotive, Biotech and Filtration. My contribution is to identify the full potential of your business and take it to the next level by implemeting the appropriate strategy into daily routine.

During my leisure time, I am committed to a healthy lifestyle, practicing sports and outdoor activities like Kickboxing, Calisthenics, and horse riding. I am also an avid reader, a dog whisperer, and a passionate learner of holistic health.

The Roadmap

Taking your business to the next level


My theoretical foundation is largely based on the comprehensive St Gallen Management Model, which addresses an organization from all its different angles. If long-term, sustainable results are your goal, then I am fully convinced that it is worth embarking on this journey.

Even consultants need to walk the talk

In my experience, consulting has little value when it leaves you on your own with a final report and the struggle to convert theoretical conclusions into actual changes. Having spent near 30 years in the daily grind of corporate´s life, I know first-hand how to plan and execute the required change process.

The One-Company-Model

My coach and mentor Mark McGregor has developed the inspirational "one-person-model" as a way to live up to your true potential.
I am transferring the same approach to your business. Far from being esoteric, this is actually the key to success for all high performance individuals and organizations, whether in sports, in the military or in the business world.

The Milestones

Turnaround Management: from crisis to creating a new future

* Moving a family-owned French trading company into new markets, securing its future development * Moving a German nonwovens company into Filtration markets, doubling its top and bottom line within one year * Scouting a Chinese tech company into Western Europe * Creating a new, high-tech business unit for a German company (50 Mio € investment)

Some recent achievements - details upon request

Proven track record of significant and sustainable top- and bottom-line increases.

Martin is a passionate, authentic, and courageous specialist in his profession. He has a high level of leadership skills, also when dealing with different kinds of people around the world. Martin's innate ability to deal with adversity was invaluable in the projects that we carried out (…). Having Martin by my side was a great opportunity for me to learn from his knowledge, experience and most importantly work ethics and values.

Witold Kasperkowiak

Owner and CEO of Aquastone SA, Lublin (Poland)

Implementing Sustainability program in a German textile company

Mr. Verebes quickly grasps complex issues and effectively implements the required action. With his independent and professional approach, he achieved remarkable results in the area of sustainability in a short period of time. His friendly demeanor and his linguistic and intercultural skills have proved very useful, especially when dealing with colleagues in a global environment.

Marko Tschürtz

COO of Mehler Engineered Products (Germany)

Sustainability also means long-term business relations

We know Martin Verebes as a solution driver business partner - on technical and commercial aspects. Our business relation is lasting since many years and we are happy to work with him in a very constructive partnership relation.

Heiko Hackel

Business owner and former VP Global Sourcing at Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Germany

The Travel Companions

Specialized Network

I act within a network of highly skilled individuals with various specialties, from financial investors, IT experts, ESG specialists, project workflow wizards, down to health & fitness coaches. They can add the necessary resources to our endeavor.

Mark McGregor
Being on mission

Leadership is a choice, not a title

Aqua Azure
Accelerate innovation

Sustainable industrial growth and clean environment for next generations

Harry Thorn
Health and Performance Coach

Health and fitness tailored to busy individuals

Simplifying complexity

Project flow at its best

The goal

Peak performance (even beyond the next quarterly report)

To me, sustainability means so much more than complying with ESG regulation. Resiliency is the key. In an increasingly fast-paced, unpredictable and competitive world, having a clear compass and a proper execution is what ultimately sets you apart on a long-term basis. Your business will thrive while others merely survive.  

And to save the best the last: unleashing all your potential is so much fun!

Are you ready to take the road to Business Excellence?